1. "When are you going to school?"
    My friend asks me .

2. Peter: "Are you going to your friend?"
    Peter wanted to know .

3. Lex: "Do you usually go to a rock concert?"
    He asked .

4. "Where did you put the book, Lisa?"
    My mother wanted to know .

5. "What do you think of my new car?"
    Dad asked us .

6. "When did you buy this book, Ted?"
    I asked him .

7. Sarah: "Can you swim?"
    She asked me .

8. Hannah: "Where do you live?"
    She wanted to know .

9. Mark: "Do you often read comic books?"
    Mark asked me .

10. "Did you see the film yesterday, John?"
    I asked him .

11. Fred: "Has Pete taken one of my books?"
    He wanted to know .

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